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Set up SSO locally in Spire

Describes requirements for setting up SSO locally in Spire.

To set up SSO locally in Spire:

  1. Run Spire on localhost port 80 and run Configured Commerce on localhost on a different port (for example, 8080)
  2. Set the apiUrl in the Spire settings.json to http://localhost:8080.
  3. The hostname that Spire runs on and the hostname that Configured Commerce runs on MUST be the same (localhost in this case; Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) only allows non https to redirect back to localhost)
  4. Set the redirect uri in Single Sign On for the ext client id to http://localhost/identity/externalcallback in the Admin Console



This SSO set up only works in Firefox. Chrome and Edge browsers block a required cookie when not running in https.