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Discusses how you can use widgets in the Configured Commerce Mobile SDK to configure your content.

Widgets are components you can configure and stylize using the CMS. The app converts data returned from a request into a Widget using either the MobileSpireContentService or the MobileContentService (legacy service). Both services will send a "pageKey" that tells the server which page is being requested.

Once the app has the page contents, the ContentConfigurationService will attempt to convert the response into a page, which is a collection of Widgets.

If you want to edit an existing widget, you should create a new one. Instead of inheriting the WidgetViewModel, you should extend off the Widget you intend to modify. Optimizely recommends this approach because if there are any updates to the Mobile SDK Widgets, it can get complicated to pull in these updates without conflicts. If you extend off the Widget instead, you eliminate this risk because only you will update your modified Widget.