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Troubleshoot Cloudsuite Distribution in v1 sandbox environments

Describes how to fix the connection for v1 sandbox environments.

Due to Infor’s changeover of SSL cipher suites for CSD environments, Optimizely has discovered that v1 (Pod) sandbox environments do not have the correct cipher suite to support this connection. This is a temporary issue as the near-term goal is to move all customers to containers. V1 Production is also unaffected.

To determine if a customer is in a v1 environment, look at the URL for their sandbox.

  • Not affected: Environments of {CLIENT}
  • May be affected: Environments of {CLIENT} (without .commerce)

In the meantime, Optimizely has tested and confirmed a reverse proxy solution to correctly route these requests through supported ciphers.

To implement this reverse proxy solution, you must change the target domain in your connections.

  • For endpoints that target the API endpoint like{CLIENT}/SX/rest/sxapirestservice/ , replace the domain with For example,{CLIENT}/SX/rest/sxapirestservice/

For endpoints that target the SSO endpoint (for bearer tokens) like{CLIENT}/as/token.oauth2, use For example,{CLIENT}/as/token.oauth2.

If you have any questions or concerns implementing this solution, please contact your Customer Success Manager.