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Production database synchronization

Describes the process and modifications when syncing from Production to Sandbox with Mission Control.

The Configured Commerce Production Database Sync action in Mission Control lets you sync database data from your Production instance to your Sandbox instance. The sync is a one-way process from Production to Sandbox.



This is a destructive process for Sandbox.

Make a request to sync

If you want to update sandbox database open a support ticket with the following information:

  • Request: Production Database Sync
    • Production Url:
    • Sandbox Url:
    • When: (date time to begin sync)

Modifications from Production

The sync process makes the following changes from production before restoring to sandbox:

  • Cleans and imports users from Sandbox database
  • Truncates the following tables:
    • ApplicationLog
    • Elmah_Error
    • CacheKeySuffix
    • CacheState
    • IntegrationJobLog
    • IntegrationJobParameter
    • SharedCache
    • IntegrationJob
  • Updates the website table
  • Refreshes system settings from Sandbox
  • Nulls out all EmailTemplateIds on the JobDefinition table (impossible to maintain cross reference of data)
  • Takes the following from Sandbox:
    • JobDefinition
    • IntegrationConnection
    • JobDefinitionParameter
    • JobDefintionStepParameter
    • JobDefinitionStepFieldMap
    • JobDefinitionStep
  • Syncs Admin & AspNetUsers from sandbox