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Wishlist pipeline


100CreateGetWishListLineResultsCall GetProductCollection product service with EnforceRestrictions set to false (so restricted products that were added while signed in can be viewed in the wishlist even while signed out.) and other parameters.

Iterate over WishListProducts parameter and fill GetWishListLineResults property with GetWishListLineResult objects created during iteration. Note IsVisible property is being set only when GetHiddenProducts parameter is true.


100CreateGetWishListResultIf ShareOption equals WishList.ShareOptionType.IndividualUsers, then get count of WishListShares

If ShareOption equals WishList.ShareOptionType.AllCustomerUsers, then get customer userprofiles number minus current user

Initiate GetWishListResult properties using CreateGetWishListResultParameter parameter. The most non trivial property is IsSharedList what is checking that ShareOption is WishList.ShareOptionType.Static or ShareOption is not equal to WishList.ShareOptionType.Private and user is not owner.