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Deployment overview

This topic provides an overview of deployment.

See the Cloud release schedule for important dates, release type and cadence information.


Please upgrade your Configured Commerce instance before requesting deployment.


If Optimizely identifies an issue that requires immediate resolution outside the normal release cadence, we will build a hotfix.

We only build hotfixes for the current cloud release. Applying the hotfix will automatically update your environment to the current cloud release, if applicable. See Current hotfixes for a list of hotfixes for the current release. We recommend following this article to receive updates. Note that the most recent hotfix contains all previous hotfixes.

Applying a hotfix will increase your current month's build number, so expect that the final numbers in the version will not match.

Optimizely tests hotfixes specifically for the identified issue and does not perform full regression testing. We expect the customer and/or partner to test all hotfixes in the Sandbox environment before requesting deployment to Production.


You can learn more about the Deployment process.