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Mobile SDK

Overview of Configured Commerce Mobile SDK.

The Configured Commerce Mobile SDK is the foundation of a customizable native mobile app built using Xamarin for Optimizely Configured Commerce.​ Optimizely provides the base code repository and updates for the Mobile SDK, and you work directly with your partner to configure, develop, customize, and deploy your app.

Optimizely will ensure the code repository is appropriately initialized and that settings and configuration are correctly transferred. You and your partner will download, configure, and test the Mobile SDK to prepare the app for production deployment. This includes customizations that differ from the base code, such as branding assets and personalization. Once you are satisfied with the application, you and your partner can upload it to the Android Play Store and iOS App Store for public distribution.

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For information on implementing the SDK in the Configured Commerce Console, refer to the support documentation on What is the Configured Commerce Mobile SDK?