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Service requests

The following services are available by request using the submit request form.


The deployment process article explains how Configured Commerce deployments work in environments and infrastructure.

Database backup

Implementation teams may request a copy of databases with written permission from the customer. Direct access to the database is not available; teams can access only copies.



When requesting a database backup, note in the Description whether you plan to use the backup to import data into another environment. This helps expedite your request as the backup generation process differs depending on use case.

v2+ process

Service Desk provides a download link for the database that will be active for up to 5 days.

SQL script execution

In the event of a data issue that can not be resolved by a code deployment, Optimizely supports providing a SQL Script to execute against database.

Restart Configured Commerce

Customers and partners can request Configured Commerce instance restarts for v2, v2.5, and v3 environments.



This only restarts the Configured Commerce and Commerce-Integration applications; it does not restart the Spire/CMS application.


  • Changing settings: Several settings require a site restart. When you change a setting, the Admin Console provides an alert if that setting requires a restart. Examples include search provider, storage provider, or site timeout.
  • Stopping hanging/frozen integration jobs.
  • Making a plugin (RTP/RTI/etc.) show in settings.
  • Making a new connection show in the internal WIS.

UserFiles Sync

Customers and partners can request that Configured Commerce UserFiles (Media Library) sync from one environment to another within the same customer/partner instances for v2 and v3 environments.



This is a destructive process where all user files are replaced from the source environment to the target environment.

Learn more about the UserFiles and the Media Library.