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Describes a wrapper class that allows manipulation of HTTP cookies.


This is a wrapper class that allows you to more easily manipulate HTTP cookies on the server.



Returns the value of a cookie in the HTTP request.

string Get(string name)


  • name – The name of the cookie for which to search.


If the cookie is found, this returns the value of the cookie.

Add(string, string, DateTimeOffset)

Adds a cookie to the HTTP response and sets the expiration date and time.

void Add(string name, string value, DateTimeOffset? expires = null)


  • name – The name of the cookie to add.
  • value – The value to store inside the cookie.
  • expires – The date and time that the cookie should expire.


Removes a cookie from the HTTP request. Also, adds an expired cookie of the same name to the HTTP response.

void Remove(string name)


  • name – The name of the cookie to remove.


The example below is an excerpt from the CartOrderProviderByUser. For non-authenticated users, the cart is stored in a cookie. The example attempts to retrieve the customerOrderId from the cookie in order to retrieve the cart for the user.

protected virtual CustomerOrder GetCustomerOrderForNotLoggedUser()
        var customerOrderId = this.CookieManager.Get(this.CartCookieName);
        return customerOrderId.IsBlank()
            ? null
            : this.UnitOfWork.GetRepository<CustomerOrder>().Get(customerOrderId);