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Describes uses for Order Request handlers.

500ValidateRequestUses the ValidateXml pipeline to validate the incoming cXml request.
600CreatePunchOutOrderRequestUses the CreatePunchOutOrderRequest pipeline to create a PunchOutOrderRequest.
700ValidateCredentialsUses the ValidateCredentials pipeline to validate the credentials of the incoming cXml request.
800GetPunchOutSessionUses the first PunchOutOrderRequest.PunchOutOrderRequestItemOut.SupplierPartAuxiliaryId and GetPunchOutSession pipeline to get the PunchOutSession.
900CreateCustomerOrderUses the CreateOrderRequestCustomerOrder pipeline to create a CustomerOrder.
1000SetOrderRequestStatusUses the PunchOutOrderRequest.PunchOutOrderRequestMessages to determine the PunchOutOrderRequest.Status.
1100SendFailedOrderRequestEmailIf the Result.ErrorMessage is not blank, sends out the PunchOut_FailedOrderRequest email.
1200CreateResponseCreates a cXml response message and sets it to the result. If the Result.ErrorMessage is blank, sets the status code in the cXml to 200 OK. If the Result.ErrorMessage is not blank, sets the status code in the cXml to 500 with Result.ErrorMessage.