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Configure multiple email domains

Describes how to configure multiple email domains.

You can submit a request to configure multiple email domains in Configured Commerce.

️ Coordinate this process with hosting support.

You must coordinate the timing of steps 4 and 5 with hosting support to avoid a mismatch between the application settings outbound email addresses and the outbound SMTP settings, which may cause noticeable problems.

Work with hosting support through the following steps:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Administration > System > Settings > Site Configurations.
  2. In the Email Domain Name field under the Emails heading, provide the new domain name for outbound email.
  3. Optimizely sets up a Mailgun configuration for that domain and provides DNS records the customer needs to create to validate the domain.
  4. Customer/Partner updates application settings to use email addresses in the new domain.
  5. Optimizely hosting support updates deployment settings for the application to route email through the new Mailgun domain.