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Search extensions

This topic provides an overview of supported search extension types.

Given the complexity of digital commerce, you may need to extend the Elasticsearch document types within Optimizely Configured Commerce. The product types are the only supported extension types. Some examples of search extension include:

  • Add a new field to do custom sorting on category pages based on data in the ProductTopSellers table.
  • Add custom SQL to the indexer to get this data into Elasticsearch.
  • Sort on the custom data in the RunProductSearch pipeline.
  • Filter search results by the current warehouse.
  • Add custom warehouse data to the index.
  • Filter on the warehouse data in the FormProductFilter pipeline.

You can also go beyond the default document data and business logic by extending:

  • Synonyms.
  • The Field Boosting table – Defines which fields are searched.
  • Product and category custom properties.
    • Go to Search > Field Boosting.
    • Check Show Non-Queryable Fields.
    • Find your property and set Queryable to Yes.
    • Re-index.
  • Custom search pipelines (C# Coding) – Uses NEST .NET client to talk to Elasticsearch API.