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Deployment overview

This topic provides an overview of deployment.

Production Deploy Requests 

Customers in containerized environments can deploy in significantly wider windows than our previous Wednesday and Friday deploy times with deployments through Mission Control for B2B Commerce Cloud. New deployment requests for B2B Commerce customers in containers are handled by the Optimizely Service Desk.

Extensions-only deployments are available through Service Desk request during the hours set in the customer's Service Level Agreement. For customers on Standard and Enhanced Support, this is 12/5, 8AM-8PM EST/CET/AEDT, depending on region.

For customers on Premium Support, this is 24/7/365 with a target response time of six hours.

Base Code or Base Code + Extensions deployments will be available via request all day during Central Time business hours (8AM-5PM, M-F). These dates ARE affected by US Holidays.

Use the B2B deployment form to request deployments.

See the Cloud release schedule for important dates, release type and cadence information.



Only schedule deployments after a successful build has been created.


If Optimizely identifies an issue that requires immediate resolution outside the normal release cadence, we will build a hotfix.

We only build hotfixes against the current cloud release. Applying the hotfix will automatically update your environment to the current cloud release, if applicable.

For a list of current hotfixes, see the Current Hotfixes article. We recommend following this article. Be aware that the most recent hotfix contains all previous hotfixes.

Applying this hotfix will increase your current month's build number, so only expect matching version numbers in the first three digits.

Optimizely tests hotfixes specifically for the identified issue and does not perform full regression testing. We expect the customer and/or partner to test all hotfixes in the Sandbox environment before requesting deployment to Production.

Code Deployment

In order to ensure a smooth process for conducting deployments to Optimizely Hosting environments, the ensuing guidelines should be followed:

Target EnvironmentDescription
SandboxImplementation team pushes changes to the sandbox branch.
  • Server-side extensions will be loaded from Git via Team City.
  • Project theme is initialized.
  • Sandbox will be auto-deployed after sandbox is built and validated. An email will be sent upon success or failure.
  • Optimizely does not support base code rollbacks for sandbox environments.
ProductionBase code updates/releases will be deployed via a set schedule.
  • Optimizely will deploy production updates via the schedule published in the B2B Commerce Cloud Communication article.
  • Your team can opt-out of the scheduled upgrade and defer to another date.
  • Please provide three (3) business days advance notice.
  • Off-hours production deployments are available; please be sure to indicate this need in all production requests.
  • Submit deployment requests via the Optimizely Support site
  • When we deploy base code to Production, we will bring your site up to the version your Sandbox site is running, but Production and Sandbox extensions and themes may differ.
  • Optimizely does not support A/B deployments or base code rollbacks for B2B Commerce Cloud.

Setting up the local development environment

See B2B Commerce Cloud Developer Setup.

Deploying to B2B Commerce Cloud

See B2B Commerce Cloud Deployment Process.

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