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Infrastructure and deployment

This topic provides an overview of hosting environments, infrastructure, and deployment.

Optimizely will provision and maintain two hosting environments: Sandbox and Production. All infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services. The Sandbox environment supports customer UAT testing scenarios, while the Production environment is the live site where commerce is conducted. The implementation team must host all development and test environments.

Basic Pipeline

Delivery Pipeline


Hosting and maintaining the Windows Integration Service (WIS) used for integrating backend systems such as ERPs is the responsibility of the implementation team in coordination with the customer. The WIS relies on a direct connection to those systems and uses push/pull requests to transfer data between backend systems and the commerce application.

For more information on integration and how-tos, review the Integrations and Jobs article.

Database Requests

Optimizely Implementation teams may request a copy of a Sandbox database with written permission from the customer. Direct access to the database is not available, only copies. Please submit database requests in the support portal at the Optimizely Support site.

Code Deployment

In order to ensure a smooth process for conducting deployments to Optimizely Hosting environments, the ensuing guidelines should be followed:

Target EnvironmentDescription
SandboxImplementation team pushes changes to the sandbox branch.
  • Server-side extensions will be loaded from Git via Team City.
  • Project theme is initialized.
  • Sandbox will be auto-deployed after sandbox is built and validated. An email will be sent upon success or failure.
  • Optimizely does not support base code rollbacks for sandbox environments.
ProductionBase code updates/releases will be deployed via a set schedule.
  • Optimizely will deploy production updates via the schedule published in the B2B Commerce Cloud Communication article in B2B Commerce Help.
  • Your team can opt-out of the scheduled upgrade and defer to another date.
  • Please provide three (3) business days advance notice.
  • Off-hours production deployments are available; please be sure to indicate this need in all production requests.
  • Submit deployment requests via the Optimizely Support site
  • When we deploy base code to Production, we will bring your site up to the version your Sandbox site is running, but Production and Sandbox extensions and themes may differ.
  • Optimizely does not support A/B deployments or base code rollbacks for B2B Commerce Cloud.

Setting up the local development environment

See B2B Commerce Cloud Developer Setup.

Deploying to B2B Commerce Cloud

See B2B Commerce Cloud Deployment Process.

Deployment Support

All prioritized requests should be submitted to and marked according to the status indicated below.

Urgent - Impacting Critical Business ProcessLess than 2 business hours
High - Interruption to Business ProcessLess than 4 business hours
Normal - Interruption to WorkflowLess than 12 business hours
Low - Non-ImpactLess than 2 business days

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