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Realtime Pricing API handlers

This topic describes how to use Realtime Pricing API handlers to get the specified real time pricing parameter.


URL: /api/v1/realtimepricing

Description: Gets the specified real time pricing parameter.

Base: HandlerBase<GetRealtimePricingParameter, GetRealtimePricingResult>


500ValidateContextRetrieves product settings by GetProductSettingsHandler. Validates CanSeeProducts and CanSeePrices settings, if one of them equals "false", returns an error.
600GetDisplayablePriceParametersStore ProductPriceParameters property from the parameter object to DisplayableProductPriceParameters property on the result object. If DisplayableProductPriceParameters property doesn't contain any parameter, returns an error.
700GetPricingResultsRetrieves a pricingServiceResults using the RealTimePricing engine. If the pricingServiceResults contains any results, they are transformed into a collection of ProductPriceDto objects. The result is stored in the RealTimePricingResults property on the result object.