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Building and deploying themes in cloud

This topic describes the process for building and deploying themes.

Optimal Configuration

Starting with B2B Commerce 4.5, Optimizely focused the options for theme building and deployment on a central strategy that minimizes downtime and improves stability. The approach uses a build server to compile the theme's TS/SCSS files, then deploys only the resulting JS/CSS files to the web server. By building the themes ahead of time, sites start faster, have fewer moving parts, and rely less on the database.



Deprecation Notice: The Git Theme Source feature is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Cloud environments will automatically be converted to the preferred configuration. The improvements with 4.5.0 make file system themes the most reliable option going forward.

How to Build Themes

For B2B Commerce Cloud, the build process is baked into Insite's CI process. The correct project structure is created automatically for themes that were initialized with createTheme.ps1.

If the build server does not find a package.json file for the theme, the build process will use the default package.json file with the associated TypeScript compiler and Grunt task runner.

Upgrading to 4.5.0 from Older Versions

B2B Commerce Cloud customers will automatically get the theme improvements in 4.5.0. Cloud customers only need to ensure that the theme compiles without errors so that the deployments execute cleanly.



The environments effected by these changes are self-managed environments such as SDK environments or private B2B Commerce Cloud test environments.