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Optimizely App Directory

Describes the Optimizely App Directory where you can find additional solutions - applications, integrations, and connectors to Optimizely, that broaden the digital experience into a complete solution.

The Optimizely App Directory, (see Browse Apps & Integrations), is your one-stop shop to find apps and integrations to your Optimizely products that increase productivity and streamline processes to save you time and money.

App Directory includes the following types of apps and integrations:  

  • Third-Party MarTech and Back-office Connectors
    Apps that exchange data between Optimizely and third-party systems, or allow third-party systems to operate within the Optimizely environment, on the presentation or application, or data tiers.
  • Presentation Layer Apps
    Apps that add JavaScript or tags to the HTML presentation layer of Optimizely CMS and Commerce websites.  
  • Embedded Apps
    Apps that add capabilities to the Optimizely editor UI, or enhance existing capabilities within the platform.  

Listing options

The options below are available for listing apps and integrations.

Optimizely verified app

  • Apps or integrations that are integrated into the code of an Optimizely customer’s website. 
  • It can be put into a NuGet package.
  • Includes documented test cases and associated support documentation.
  • Complies with Optimizely security, user interface, and integration standards.
  • The tech partner does quality assurance.  

Optimizely certified integration 

  • Integrations that use Optimizely's publically available APIs or JavaScript on a site.
  • Does not directly integrate into the code of a customer’s website.
  • Certified by design review with the Optimizely App Directory team, and demonstrating the integrated solution's capability.

Join App Directory

Complete this form to apply for the Optimizely App Directory program.