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Create a custom event provider

Shows a simple pseudo-code for writing an event provider based on file with options.

You can find more providers, such as Amazon and Azure, in the Optimizely NuGet feed.

using EPiServer.Events;
using EPiServer.Events.Providers;
using EPiServer.ServiceLocation;
using System;
using System.Threading;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace CustomEventProvider {
  public class CustomEventProviderOptions {
    public string CustomSetting {
    } = "custom setting";

  public class CustomEventProvider: EventProvider {
    public CustomEventProvider(CustomEventProviderOptions options) {}

    public override Task InitializeAsync() {
      //Put initialization code here, example waiting for external callback and call OnMessageReceived(messages)

    public override Task SendMessageAsync(EventMessage message, CancellationToken cancellationToken) {
      //Put code to sends the provided message to other related sites.
    public override void SendMessage(EventMessage message) {
      throw new NotSupportedException("It doesn't need because there is already async version.");

Configure an event provider

To add a custom event provider, add the provider configuration to appsettings.json as the following example shows:

  "EPiServer" : {
    "Cms" : {
      "EventProviderOptions" : {
        "Provider" : "CustomEventProvider.CustomEventProvider, CustomAssembly"
    "CustomEventProviderOptions" : {
      "CustomSetting" : "custom setting"