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MA Connectors

The Optimizely Connect for Marketing Automation (MA) integration suite lets marketers automate activities such as web form interaction with Optimizely Forms, and sending out emails based on visitor behavior, using popular MA products.

Several pre-built connectors integrate Optimizely with common Marketing Automation (MA) tools. This section describes installing and configuring components to set up an MA integration.


You need an account and live connection for the desired MA product (see list below) and an Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) site with Optimizely Forms installed.

The MA components are installed through NuGet packages and Visual Studio.

Install the following for the MA integration:

  • The Forms connector (EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms) to get the integration between Optimizely Forms and the MA connector.
  • The MA connector to connect with the desired marketing automation product (see list below).

See Add-ons platform compatibility for the specific NuGet packages to install and support Optimizely versions.

Digital Experience Hub

The Optimizely Digital Experience Hub (DXH), part of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP), provides a set of pre-built connectors to leading marketing automation and analytics platforms.

The following marketing automation platforms are supported:

Like other add-ons, you install the marketing automation connectors for your project as NuGet packages from Visual Studio. See the documentation for each marketing automation connector for information about specific configuration and setup details.

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