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Install a sample site

Describes how to install an Optimizely sample site, so you can try out the user interface and API features and learn more about how Optimizely works.

Follow the instructions on Install Optimizely (ASP.NET Core) to set up a sample site.

The following command has additional options that set the project name, and the output folder, and enable Docker (include files required to run under Docker):

dotnet new epi-alloy-mvc --name alloy-docker --output ./alloy-docker --enable-docker

You can also use the help option to get details about additional options.

dotnet new epi-alloy-mvc --help

Apps (add-ons)

See also Optimizely ASP.NET Core Add-Ons and Apps (add-ons) platform compatibility.

Install apps on the existing site

To install apps to an existing Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) site with the Alloy templates, do the installation in the following order:

  1. Install apps (Forms, A/B testing and so on).
  2. Rebuild the project.

Install apps on a new site

To install apps on a new Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) site together with the new project, do the installation in the following order:

  1. Install an empty CMS site.
  2. Install apps (Forms, A/B testing, and so on).