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Configure DataAccess and DynamicDataStore

Describes the DynamicDataStoreOptions section of the configuration file.

The Configure CMS topic describes the syntax used to describe the configuration elements.

  "EPiServer": {
    "Cms": {
      "DataAccess": {
        "Retries": "5",
        "RetryDelay": "0:0:0.1",
        "DatabaseQueryTimeout": "0:0:30",
        "DatabaseMode": "ReadWrite/ReadOnly"
      "DynamicDataStore": {
        "AutoResolveTypes": "true/false",
        "AutoRemapStores": "true/false",
        "DeleteAllOperationTimeout": "time span"


NameDefault valueDescription
RetryDelay 0:0:0.1The time to wait before retrying in case of a transient error (only relevant if retries are greater than 0). Retry delays are
Retries 5The number of retry attempts in case a transient error such as a deadlock occurs or a timeout when opening the connection.
DatabaseQueryTimeout0:0:30The timeout value to use for database queries (in other words DbCommand.CommandTimeOut).
DatabaseMode ReadWriteThe database mode can be configured by the databaseMode attribute on the episerver.dataStore section or by the episerver:DatabaseMode setting under the appSettings section. See Database mode for information.


The dataStore element is optional. Configuration values in web.config override default values in code.

NameDefault valueDescription
AutoRemapStores trueDefines whether CMS remaps stores automatically when a type definition changes.
AutoResolveTypes trueDefines whether type resolution by the Dynamic Data Store is automatic.
DeleteAllOperationTimeout 600Command timeout for the delete all functionality.