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The [Configure CMS](🔗) topic describes the syntax used in the description of the configuration elements.

### DataAccessOptions 

NameDefault valueDescription
`RetryDelay` 0:0:0.1The time to wait before retrying in case of a transient error (only relevant if retries is greater than 0). Retry delays are
`Retries` 5The number of retry attempts in case a transient error such as a deadlock occurs or a timeout when opening the connection.
`DatabaseQueryTimeout`0:0:30The timeout value to use for all database queries (in other words `DbCommand.CommandTimeOut)`.
`DatabaseMode` ReadWriteThe database mode can be configured by the `databaseMode` attribute on the episerver.dataStore section or by the `episerver:DatabaseMode` setting under the appSettings section. See [Database mode](🔗) for more information.

### DynamicDataAccesOptions

The `dataStore` element is **optional**. Configuration values in _web.config_ override default values in code.

NameDefault valueDescription
`AutoRemapStores` trueDefines whether stores are automatically remapped when a type definition changes.
`AutoResolveTypes` trueDefines whether type resolution by the Dynamic Data Store is automatic.
`DeleteAllOperationTimeout` 600Command timeout for the **delete all** functionality.