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Configuring Change Log

This topic describes the [deprecated] Optimizely Change Log system.



The Activity API supersedes the deprecated ChangeLog API.

The Optimizely CMS Change Log system (referred to as “Change Log” in this topic) is a facility where you can log changes to an Optimizely CMS site. For example, all changes to pages, files and folders are logged in the Change Log to support mirroring and platform features, and providing a general auditing mechanism.

Administering the Change Log

Change and filter the Change Log in the Optimizely CMS admin view. See the section about configuring Change Log in the Optimizely user guides.

You can also manually schedule and execute the Change Log Auto Truncate from the admin view. This scheduled job deletes items from the Change Log that are older than one month, and do not have registered dependencies by other Optimizely parts.

Programming interfaces

The classes and interfaces for the Change Log can be found in the EPiServer.ChangeLog namespace in the file EPiServer.dll.

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