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Uploads one or more attachments in Optimizely Campaign.

These attachments can be used when sending transactional mails. For more information regarding the Personalized Attachments feature, see Personalized Attachments - Examples.

This operation is available in the form service.



  • The Personalized Attachment feature must first be activated by customer support.
  • Personalized Attachments can only be used for event mailings.
  • Do not upload more than 500 kB at once.
  • With each call of this operation, up to five files can be uploaded.
  • An attachment is valid for 24 hours by default; i.e., after this time, the attachment can no longer be used for sending.


NameMandatoryDefault valueDescription
bmFileyesDefines the attachment to be uploaded

This parameter may occur multiple times. I.e., multiple attachments (up to five) can be uploaded per call.

Return values

ok: The attachment has been successfully uploaded and can be used later using this returned token with the operation sendtransactionmail. A token is valid for 24 hours by default; i.e., after this time, the token becomes invalid and you must invoke the operation again.
syntax_error: No files uploaded.The value of the parameter bmfile is invalid. Check the spelling.
syntax_error: Invalid file-parameter name '' - must be 'bmFile'.Instead of the parameter name bmFile an incorrect parameter name was used. Always use the parameter name bmfile to upload attachments.
vetoed: Personalized attachments are not enabled.The Personalized Attachments feature has not yet been activated. To activate the feature, contact customer support.
file_upload_failed: Ask Campaign support for ticket #A general error occurred while uploading the attachment. Contact customer support and quote this ticket ID.
wrong_tagAuthorization failed.
Error codes:
- 501=wrong authentication tag
- 502=wrong request IP
- 503=wrong request method
- 504=wrong protocol
- 505=wrong recipient list
- 506=wrong action
- 507=action not found
If a verification of the authentication tag does not solve the problem, contact customer support.


See Personalized Attachments - Examples for examples for Personalized Attachments.