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Creates a mailing in Optimizely Campaign.

You must invoke the setContent and setSubject etc. methods afterwards to create a valid and meaningful mailing. The following default values are assumed:

Type: long


sessionIdStringID of the session
mailingTypeStringType of the mailing  (regular, event, confirmation, template)
NameStringName of the mailing
mimeTypeStringMIME type of the mailing (text/plain, text/html, multipart/alternative)
recipientListIdslong[ ]IDs of the recipient lists used for the mailing
senderEmailPrefixStringThe given value is prefixed to the sending domain configured for this client.

Examples: info, newsletter or john.
senderNameStringName of the sender

Examples: My Company, John Doe, Newsletter
charsetStringCharacter set to be used for all contents (subject + body) in ISO names

If set to null, the client's default (usually ISO-8859-1) is used.

Return values

ID of the created mailing

Code structure

long create(String sessionId, String mailingType, String name, String mimeType, long[] recipientListIds, String senderEmailPrefix, String senderName, String charset)