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Query email responses on a mailing or recipient basis or reset the bounce counter in Optimizely Campaign.

getAllRecipientResponseCounts2Counts the responses of a specific type for multiple recipients.
getBounceCounterCounts the hard or soft bounces for a recipient.
getBounceCounterThresholdQueries the maximum number of responses a recipient can produce before the recipient receives no further mailings.
getMailingResponseCountCounts the responses of a specific type for a mailing.
getRecipientResponseCount2Counts the responses of a specific type for a recipient.
isBounceCounterThresholdExeededQueries whether a recipient has exceeded the hard or soft bounce threshold.
resetBounceCounterResets the thresholds for hard and soft bounces to 0.

Deprecated methods

getAllRecipientResponseCountsUse getAllRecipientResponseCounts2.
getRecipientResponseCountUse getRecipientResponseCount2.

Response categories

Use one of the following values whenever a category is required:

  • hardbounce
  • softbounce
  • autoresponder
  • unknown

In addition to these response types, you can use any recipient-defined response type too.