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Sends a mailing to multiple recipients in Optimizely Campaign.

This method is only applicable to mailings of the type event.



  • If a target group is defined for the mailing, the mailing will be sent only if the recipient meets the target group criteria.
  • The actual mail is sent asynchronously. So, you should not delete the recipients immediately after invoking this method.

Type: int[ ]


sessionIdStringID of the session
mailingIdlongID of the mailing
recipientListIdlongID of the recipient list

This recipient list must be assigned to the given mailing. See also getRecipientListIds.
recipientIdsString[ ]IDs of the recipients

Return values

For each recipient:

  • 0: if the mail has been spooled
  • 1: if the recipient is blocked
  • 2: if the recipient is unsubscribed
  • 3: if the recipient was not found
  • 4: if the recipient list is invalid (the recipient list is not assigned to the given mailing)
  • 5: if the recipient is blocked by the mailing's target group
  • 6: if the recipient has caused too many bounces

Code structure

int[] sendMails(String sessionId, long mailingId, long recipientListId, String[] recipientIds)