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Queries the sending status of a mailing to a specific recipient in Optimizely Campaign.



The actual mail is sent asynchronously. Therefore, this method is not appropriate to query the status of recently sent out mailings.

Type: String[ ]


sessionIdStringID of the session
mailingIdlongID of the mailing
recipientListIdlongID of the recipient list
recipientIdStringID of the recipient

Return values

An array of SENT,date or ERROR,date, where date is formatted according to ISO 8601 (see also Type conversion and formatting rules).

The return value is given in a matrix, since it is theoretically possible for one and the same recipient to receive a mailing several times (only for mailings of type Event).

Code structure

String[] getSendingStatus(String sessionId, long mailingId, long recipientListId, String recipientId)