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Queries sending details for emails that were sent using one of the two operations sendeventmail or sendtransactionmail in Optimizely Campaign.

This operation is available in the form service.


NameMandatoryDefault valueDescription
bmMailIdyes–The ID of the email whose sending status you want to check.

Return values

enqueuedThe email is still in the queue.
sendingThe sending process has not been finished yet.
sentThe email has been sent successfully.
could_not_be_sentAn error occurred during the sending process.
missing_idNo bmMailId was transmitted.
vetoedThe sending of the email was blocked. This may have several reasons, for example, the number of coupon codes left may be too low.
wrong_mailing_statusThe mailing with the given bmMailingId has been stopped or is finished.
blacklistedThe recipient is blacklisted and will not receive any more emails.
too_many_bouncesThe recipient has exceeded the bounce limit and will not receive any more emails.
filteredDue to target groups used by the mailing, the recipient did not receive an email.
not_foundThe recipient with the given bmRecipientId could not be found in the recipient list.
unsubscribedThe recipient has unsubscribed from the service and will not receive any more emails.
system_errorA general error occurred.



The return values of this operation are available for a maximum of 14 days after sending a mailing.



The transmitted bmMailId must be the return value of the respective sendeventmail or sendtransactionmail call.