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Adds multiple recipients to an existing recipient list in Optimizely Campaign.

Be aware of the different behavior of this method according to the recipient status:

  • If there is already a recipient with the same ID and the same type of opt-in process that has not completed the opt-in process, the recipient is  removed and re-added. If one of the opt-in processes is a double opt-in process and the other is not, the double opt-in process has a higher priority (see Prioritization of parallel opt-in processes).

Be aware of the different behavior of this method according to the target recipient list:

  • If a recipient is unsubscribed  and the target recipient list an opt-in list, the recipient will be re-activated with this method and the unsubscribe status will be reset.
  • If a recipient is unsubscribed and the target recipient list a regular list, the unsubscribe status will not be changed and the recipient will not receive any further emails.

This is a .NET replacement method. For other applications use the method addAll3.

Type: int[ ]


sessionIdStringID of the session
recipientListIdlongID of the recipient list
optinProcessIdlongID of the opt-in process

The recipient will be processed with the given opt-in process identified by this ID. If no opt-in process shall be used and the recipient be activated immediately, set the value to 0.
recipientIdsString[ ]IDs of the recipients
emailAddressesString[ ]Email addresses of the recipients
attributeNamesString[ ]Defines a map of recipient attributes in association with flatAttributeValues according to the following pattern: 'firstname'==>'John','lastname'==>'Doe'
flatAttributeValuesString[ ]Defines a map of recipient attributes in association with attributeNames according to the following pattern: 'firstname'==>'John','lastname'==>'Doe'

Return values

For each recipient:

  • 0: Recipient has been inserted
  • 1: Recipient validation failed, e.g., due to invalid email address syntax
  • 2: Recipient is unsubscribed
  • 3: Recipient is blocked
  • 4: Recipient is bounce overflowed (i.e. produced too many bounces in the past)
  • 5: Recipient is already in the list
  • 6: Recipient has been filtered
  • 7: A general error occurred

Code structure

int[] addAll3Flat(String sessionId, long recipientListId, long optinProcessId, String[] recipientIds, String[] emailAddresses, String[] attributeNames, String[] flatAttributeValues)