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Updates recipient data fields in Optimizely Campaign. Field values can be overwritten, added, subtracted, prepended or appended.

This operation is available in the mail and the form service. If you are using the mail service, we recommend to use the system parameter bmUrl to avoid that a white page with a status message is displayed to the recipient.



Transactional recipient lists (recipient lists that can only be used for API calls) cannot be updated using this operation.


NameMandatoryDefault valueDescription
bmRecipientIdyes/no–The ID of the recipient (usually the email address)

If used in the mail service, this parameter is not mandatory (the recipient ID is resolved automatically from the bmMailId parameter).
If used in the form service, the parameter is mandatory.
bmNewRecipientIdno–If you want to change the bmRecipientId of a recipient, use this parameter, since the parameter bmRecipientId is not a regular data field, but an identifier.

Note: Changing the ID of a recipient also affects all other recipient lists of the same client. In addition, all historical information is preserved and assigned to the new ID.
bmOverwritenofalseIf you want to change the bmRecipientId of a recipient (see previous parameter) and the specified bmRecipientId already exists, an error message is returned and the operation is cancelled. If you set the value of bmOverwrite to true, the existing value is overwritten and no error message is returned.
bmSanitizeno–Set the value of this parameter to true to convert potentially dangerous characters in the supplied recipient data into their respective HTML equivalents.–Any parameter that corresponds to a parameter of the recipient list.

Return values

okRecipient data successfully updated
wrong_tagAuthorization failed.
Error codes:
- 501=wrong authentication tag
- 502=wrong request IP
- 503=wrong request method
- 504=wrong protocol
- 505=wrong recipient list
- 506=wrong action
- 507=action not found
If a verification of the authentication tag does not solve the problem, contact customer support.
already_existOnly with bmOverwrite=false: The new recipient ID transmitted using the parameter bmNewRecipientId already exists. To avoid this error and overwrite the existing ID, set bmOverwrite to true.
missing_idNo bmRecipientId was transmitted (mandatory) when using the form service.
not_foundNo entry with the given bmRecipientId was found or an attempt was made to change the recipient ID without providing the bmNewRecipientId.
system_errorA general error has occurred

Example 1


The dataset field interests of the recipient is set to yes. Then, the recipient is forwarded to

Example 2


The value of the dataset field myclicks of the recipient of the email is increased by 3. The dataset field hasclicked is set to true. Then, the recipient is forwarded to

Example 3


The value of the dataset field myclicks of the recipient with the ID [email protected]_ is increased by 3. The dataset field hasclicked is set to true.

Example 4


The ID of the recipient [email protected]_ is changed to [email protected]_.