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Activates or deactivates the options Maximum number of recipients and Random order and sets absolute percentaged values for them (a float from 0 to 1) in Optimizely Campaign.

The actual number of recipients is calculated when the mailing is started. The mailing must be of the type regular. See also setMaxRecipients and getMaxRecipients.

Type: void


sessionIdStringID of the session
mailingIdlongID of the mailing
maxRecipientsFloatMaximum number of recipients (float between 0 and 1)
randomOrderBoolean - true – Recipients are selected on a random basis.
- false – Recipients are selected by their ID starting with the lowest.

Return values

  • Code structure

    void setMaxRecipientsPercentage(String sessionId, long mailingId, float maxRecipientsPercentage, boolean randomOrder)