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Queries all recipients that are contained in a specific recipient list in Optimizely Campaign.

The selection can be limited to a specified target group. This method can be replaced by the .NET replacement method getAllAdvancedFlat.

Type: String[ ] [ ]


sessionIdStringID of the session
recipientListIdlongID of the recipient list
attributeNamesString[ ]Names of the fields, whose recipient data shall be queried
recipientFilterIdlong(optional) ID of the target group

If the value is greater than 0, only recipients that match the target group with this ID are returned. If you do not want to use a target group, set the value to 0.
orderByAttributeStringThe name of the attribute (e.g., firstname) used for sorting.

If you set the value to NULL, sorting is disabled.
ascendingSortOrderBoolean - true – Recipient list is sorted in ascending order.
- false – Recipient list is sorted in descending order.
Note: This parameter is ineffective if you set the value of the previous parameter, orderByAttribute, to NULL.
pageStartintThe number of the first recipient to be returned
pageSizeintThe total number of recipients to be returned

Return values

All recipients that are contained in the recipient list.

Returns an array of strings containing an array of strings with the attribute names for each recipient according to the given attribute names.

Code structure

String[][] getAllAdvanced(String sessionId, long recipientListId, String[] attributeNames, long recipientFilterId, String orderByAttribute, boolean ascendingSortOrder, int pageStart, int pageSize)