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Counts all recipients in Optimizely Campaign. Optionally, you can use a target group.

Type: int


sessionIdStringID of the session
recipientListIdlongID of the recipient list
recipientFilterIdlongID of the target group
- If the value is 0, all recipients of the recipient list are counted.
- If the value is a target group ID, only recipients that match the target group with this ID are counted.

If a default target group is used in the client, this is not considered when counting the recipient of this recipient list. The counting may therefore differ from the actual dispatch result.

Return values

Number of all recipients

Code structure

int getCount(String sessionId, long recipientListId, long recipientFilterId)

Request limit

In total, a maximum of 10 simultaneous requests for the following operations are permitted per client: SOAP API getCount (RecipientWebservice), REST API selectRecipients and REST API countRecipients.