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Retrieve information about folders, create folders, move or delete folders in Optimizely Campaign.

Folders are used in several functions in Optimizely Campaign, for example, to store mailings or target groups in them.

assignFolder)Assigns a mailing or a target group to a folder.
createFolder)Creates a new folder.
getAssignedFolderQueries the ID of a folder to which a mailing or target group has been assigned.
getChildrenQueries the IDs of all child folders of a folder.
getFolderNameQueries the name of a folder on the basis of its ID.
getParentQueries the ID of a parent folder.
getRootFoldersQueries the IDs of the root folders of a specific folder type.
moveFolderMoves an existing folder into another existing folder.
removeFolderDeletes an existing folder.
renameFolderRenames an existing folder.

Folder type

The folderType parameter is used to indicate whether a folder contains mailings or target groups. So, the  value of this parameter can be mailing or filter.