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Provides methods for the closed loop process in Optimizely Campaign.

To use this web service, you must have the closed loop interface and should be familiar with the closed loop process.



ClosedLoopWebservice is not compatible with .NET.

getClicksQueries recipients that clicked a link in a mailing and the time they clicked the link.
getCurrentTimeQueries the current server time.
getLinksQueries the tracking links of sent mailings.
getMailingIdByWaveIdQueries the ID of the sent mailing by means of the waveId.
getMailingsQueries sent mailings and the appropriate start and end time.
getMailingUnsubscribesQueries recipients that unsubscribed and the time they unsubscribed with a reference to a mailing.
getOpensQueries recipients that opened a mailing and the time they opened the mailing.
getOutbouncesQueries recipients that exceeded the bounce limit (i.e. created too many hard or soft bounces).
getRecipientsQueries recipients and the mailings they received.
getResponsesQueries recipients that replied to a mailing.
getUnsubscribesQueries recipients that unsubscribed and the time they unsubscribed without any reference to a mailing.
importFinishedAndScheduleMailingSchedules the dispatch of the mailing for imported recipients.
importRecipientsImports recipients for a closed loop dispatch.
prepareNewWaveStarts the closed loop process for a mailing.