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About scheduled jobs

Provides basic information about scheduled jobs and a list of the most relevant jobs.

With scheduled jobs, you can automate regular tasks in Optimizely Campaign. Scheduled jobs are additional features that are charged via the support services, according to the time and effort involved.

Using scheduled jobs requires an SCP account. Optimizely customer support will set this up on request and provide you with the path for uploading and downloading files on Optimizely's servers. See also Optimizely User Guide.

The list contains e.g. import and export jobs for recipient lists, blocklists, unsubscribers or outbounced recipients that run automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Use the form on each job's page to send a direct request to Optimizely customer support for setting up the job for your client. To get information on which scheduled jobs are already configured or running in your client, you can use the Optimizely Campaign REST API.



If you are looking for a job or listener not listed below, contact customer support to learn more about other available jobs and solutions.

Job nameDescription
Automatic tracking link extension jobAdds parameters to all tracking links of a mailing.
Blocklist export jobExports all entries of a blocklist to a CSV file.
Blocklist import jobImports all entries from a CSV file to a blocklist.
Delete recipients that match a target group jobUses a target group to delete recipients from recipient lists.
Dispatch of latest email after double opt-in listenerEnsures that new subscribers will automatically receive the last sent mailing.
Monitor mails listenerSends a monitor mail to specified recipients.
Multiple recipients export jobExports multiple recipient lists to CSV files.
Outbounced recipient export jobExports recipients that exceeded the bounce limit to a CSV file.
Recipient export jobExports a recipient list to a CSV file.
Recipient import jobImports recipient data from a CSV file into a recipient list.
Unsubscriber export jobExports unsubscribers to a CSV file.
Unsubscriber import jobImports unsubscribers from a CSV file to the system-internal unsubscribe list.