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Adds multiple recipients to a unsubscribe list in Optimizely Campaign.

The recipients are unsubscribed from all recipient lists (but are not informed). The unsubscribe status is valid until the remove method is invoked or the recipient re-subscribes using a "normal" opt-in process.

Use this method to mark multiple recipients as unsubscribed. Recipients that have been added to the unsubscribe list using this method are still visible in the recipient list, but are skipped on mailing dispatch. To undo this step and re-subscribe a recipient, use the remove method.

Be aware that re-adding a recipient using the add2 method also removes him from the unsubscribe list if he had previously been marked as unsubscribed and no opt-in process ID is submitted.

Type: void


sessionIdStringID of the session
recipientListIdlong(Optional) Recipient list the recipients are assigned to

If a client-wide unsubscribe list is configured, this parameter is meaningless. If recipient list-based unsubscribe lists are configured, the parameter selects the recipient list from which the recipients are unsubscribed.

Set the value to 0 to force a client-wide unsubscribe even if the client is configured to use recipient list-based unsubscribes.
recipientIdsString[ ]IDs of the recipients

Return values

  • Code structure

    void addAll(String sessionId, long recipientListId, String[] recipientIds)