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Services and operations

Describes the services and operations used in the HTTP integration API for Optimizely Campaign.

Form service

The form service is used for the integration of forms (e.g. a registration form). The form service is linked by an authorization code to a specific recipient list. All operations within this service relate to this recipient list. Since the form service is usually used by a single server, you should always use IP security. To select the form service, enter the service selector value form. For example:

Mail service

The mail service is used for the integration of profile updates by email. You can add personal data to the recipients' profiles or move them to another list. Since the mail service is used by multiple users, IP security is not possible. The authorization code generated by the system is protected by a checksum against tampering. To select the mail service, enter the service selector value mail. Instead of an authorization code, insert the placeholder {bmMailId}, which is automatically replaced in each email by a value. For example:{bmMailId}/unsubscribe


The following topics describe the operations in more detail. To select one of these operations, use the name of the operation as the operation selector.



Not all operations are available in both services (mail and form).

blacklist and unblacklistGenerate or remove a blacklist entry.
copy and moveCopy or move a recipient from one recipient list to another.
createtrackingoptout and deletetrackingoptoutLet you deactivate and reactivate the use of action-based data for a recipient.
getsendstatusQueries sending details for emails that have been sent using one of the two operations: sendeventmail or sendtransactionmail.
nopNo function.
onlineversionShows a personalized online version of a mailing.
removeRemoves a recipient from a recipient list.
sendeventmailSends an event mailing to a single recipient.
sendtransactionmailCreates a new recipient and sends an event mailing to this recipient.
subscribeAdds a new recipient to a recipient list or updates an existing recipient.
unsubscribeUnsubscribes a recipient from a recipient list.
updatefieldsUpdates recipient data fields.
uploadpersonalizedattachmentsUploads one ore more attachments.