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General use

Describes general use of the SOAP API.

The correct functionality of the SOAP API requires constant monitoring of automatically sent exceptions and return values by your IT department. Necessary adjustments resulting from these may have to be carried out on your system or website.

Provide [email protected] with the name of a contact person to inform about extensions, updates and troubleshooting. The following data are required:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

Access and security

For every SOAP API user, Optimizely sets up an IP address or IP address range from which the interface can be accessed. This setting reduces the risk of unauthorized access using the SOAP API. You can also restrict access to the API server by using a firewall. To do so, we recommend using DNS-based filter rules or the subnet

Inform [email protected] about the services, operations, and the IP address or range you want to use.

For performance reasons, there is a limit of 40 parallel SOAP API connections for each Optimizely Campaign client. Customer support can adjust this limit on request. Do not attempt to log in to the Optimizely Campaign front end with your API user credentials. API users only have access to services and operations needed for API purposes.