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Sends test emails to multiple recipients in Optimizely Campaign.

All mailing types and mailings in any status can be sent with this method.



The actual mail is sent asynchronously. That means that you should not delete any recipient immediately after calling this method.

Type: int[ ]


sessionIdStringID of the session
mailingIdlongID of the mailing
recipientListIdlongID of the recipient list

Must be a test recipient list and needs not to be configured for the given mailing.
recipientIdsString[ ]IDs of the recipients

Must match the target group and not be unsubscribed or blacklisted.

Return values: For each recipient:

  • 0: if the mail has been spooled
  • 1: if the recipient is blocked
  • 2: if the recipient is unsubscribed
  • 3: if the recipient was not found
  • 4: if the recipient list is invalid
  • 5: if the recipient is blocked by the mailing's target group
  • 6: if the recipient has caused too many bounces

Code structure

int[] sendTestmails(String sessionId, long mailingId, long recipientListId, String[] recipientIds)