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copy and move

Copy or move a recipient from one recipient list to another in Optimizely Campaign.

Both operations use the same parameters. The copy operation creates a duplicate of an entry (i.e., the recipient). The move operation creates a duplicate of an entry and then removes the original entry.

The copy and move operations are available in the mail and the form service. If you are using the mail service, we recommend using the system parameter bmUrl to avoid having a white page with a status message displayed to the recipient.


NameMandatoryDefault valueDescription
bmRecipientIdyes/noThe ID of the recipient (usually the email address). If used in the mail service, this parameter is not mandatory (the email address is sent anyway). If used in the form service, the parameter is mandatory.
bmListIdyesThe ID of the recipient list to which the recipient is copied or moved.

Return values

okEntry successfully moved/copied
ok: already_existOnly with bmVerbose=true: Recipient already exists in the target list
wrong_tagAuthorization failed.
Error codes:
- 501=wrong authentication tag
- 502=wrong request IP
- 503=wrong request method
- 504=wrong protocol
- 505=wrong recipient list
- 506=wrong action
- 507=action not found
If a verification of the authentication tag does not solve the problem, contact customer support.
wrong_idThe transmitted bmListId is incorrect.
not_foundOnly when using the form service: The bmRecipientId was not found in the source recipient list nor in the target recipient list.
missing_idbmRecipientId and/or bmListId was/were not transmitted.
system_errorA general error has occurred

Example 1


The recipient of the email is copied from the current recipient list to the recipient list with the ID 12345. Then, the recipient is forwarded to

Example 2


The recipient with the ID [email protected]_ is moved to the recipient list with the ID 12345 and removed from the current recipient list.