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Counts the hard or soft bounces for a recipient in Optimizely Campaign.

See also: resetBounceCounter and getBounceCounterThreshold.

This number is different from the one returned by getRecipientResponseCount2 as this is the counter used to determine if a recipient will receive further mailings. This bounce counter may be reset to re-enable a recipient once the bounce threshold (usually three hard bounces and five soft bounces) is exceeded.

By default, the media type EMAIL is used. Use the SessionWebservice's setMediaType method to select another media type such as SMS.

Type: int


sessionIdStringID of the session
recipientIdStringID of the recipient
categoryStringSee Response categories.

Only hardbounce or softbounce

Return values

Number of hard or soft bounces for the recipient

Code structure

int getBounceCounter(String sessionId, String recipientId, String category)