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With the web service CouponCodeWebservice in Optimizely Campaign, you can create, query and delete.

The WSDLs for the coupon code system can be found under these links:

The following methods are available in this web service:

addAdds a single coupon code to a static block
addAllAdds multiple coupon codes to a block
getAllAssignedQueries coupon codes assigned to a mailing
getAllUnAssignedQueries all available coupon codes of a block
getAssignedMailingQueries the mailing ID a code has been assigned to
getAssignedRecipientIdQueries the recipient ID a code has been assigned to
getByMailingAndRecipientIdQueries a coupon code by mailing and recipient ids
getCreatedQueries the creation date of a coupon code
getModifiedQueries the modification date of a coupon code
isAssignedQueries whether a coupon code has been assigned to a recipient
isUsedQueries whether a recipient has redeemed a coupon code
markAsUsedInvalidates a coupon code
removeDeletes a single coupon code
removeAllDeletes multiple coupon codes

To use this web service, you must have the coupon system add-on installed. See Coupon system in the Optimizely User Guide.

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