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Updated methods in Feature Experimentation

Introduces the SDK methods to retrieve decisions for your flags in Optimizely Feature Experimentation.

Feature Experimentation has released two primary methods: Decide and Track Event. All existing Full Stack Experimentation (Legacy) methods and implementation are still supported, but Optimizely Experimentation recommends updating to the new Feature Experimentation methods.

Decide method

The new decide() methods eliminate the need to know when to use .activate(), .isFeatureEnabled() and other methods by combining the logic into one, easy-to-use .decide() method.

It is a non-breaking change that extends and builds on the existing functionality of isFeatureEnabled(), which is still a supported method for retrieving both legacy feature and new flag decisions.

Refer to your specific SDK's decide method reference documentation:

Track event method

The new track event method tracks a conversion event (in other words, an action a user takes) for a user.

Refer to your specific SDK's track event method documentation:

Update to the new methods

For information on how to update to the new methods, refer to your SDK's documentation: