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Log event notification listener

Describes the Log event notification listener, which lets you know what data was sent to Optimizely Feature Experimentation in a given event batch, and when the batch was sent in Optimizely Feature Experimentation.


The LOGEVENT notification listener is similar to the TRACK notification listener but provides more granularity. It lets you know what data was sent to Optimizely in a given event batch, and when the batch was sent. For more information about event batching, see the corresponding topic for your SDK language. You can use this notification listener to inspect and audit what data you're sending to Optimizely.


The following tables show the information provided to the listener when it is triggered:

log eventLog EventWhenever the event processor produces a batch of events, a LogEvent object will be created using the EventFactory.
It contains a batch of conversion and decision events. For more information, see the following table.

Log Event

The Log Event object is created using EventFactory. It represents the batch of decision and conversion events that have been passed to the Event Dispatcher to be sent to the Optimizely Feature Experimentation backend.

http verb
Required (non null)
StringThe HTTP verb to use when dispatching the log event. It can be Get or Post.
Required (non null)
StringURL to dispatch log event to.
Required (non null)
DictEvent Batch. It contains all the information regarding every event which is batched, including a list of visitors which contains UserEvent.
headersDictRequest headers


For code examples, see the notification listener topic in your SDK language: