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Install the Android SDK

Describes the steps necessary to install the Optimizely Feature Experimentation Android SDK into your application.

The Android SDK is distributed through Maven Central. The android-sdk package is available on MavenCentral.

To add the android-sdk and all modules to your project, include this line in your app's build.gradle in the dependencies block:

implementation 'com.optimizely.ab:android-sdk:4.0.0-beta2'



Optimizely previously distributed the Android SDK through Bintray/JCenter. But, as of April 27, 2021, Bintray/JCenter will become a read-only repository indefinitely and the publish repository has been migrated to MavenCentral for the SDK version 3.10.1 and later. Older versions will still be available in JCenter.

repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.optimizely.ab:android-sdk:4.0.0-beta2'

The full source code is available on GitHub.