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Manage config (datafile)

Describes the datafile, which is a JSON representation of your Optimizely Feature Experimentation project configuration (OptimizelyConfig) in a given environment for Optimizely Feature Experimentation.

OptimizelyConfig management

The datafile contains all the data needed to deliver and track your flag rules, including your A/B tests and flag deliveries. Learn how to get the datafile.

You have the following options for synchronizing the datafile between your Optimizely Feature Experimentation project and your application:

  • Pull method (recommended) – The Feature Experimentation SDKs provide a polling-based datafile management implementation, handling the fetching of the latest version at whatever frequency you set when you instantiate the SDK.
  • Push method – You can use webhooks to fetch and manage datafiles based on application updates or changes.
  • Custom method – If you need to customize or extend the way you access the datafile for your implementation, you can access the datafile using the Optimizely CDN link. For more information, see Get the datafile.

Other important considerations for datafile management include:

  • Caching and persistence (Optimizely Feature Experimentation mobile SDKs offer datafile offline caching and persistence).
  • Synchronization between SDK instances, see Multiple SDK implementations.
  • Network availability



To ensure webhook requests originate from Optimizely Feature Experimentation, secure your webhook using a token in the request header.