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Track notification listener

This topic describes the Track notification listener, which lets you implement additional functionality or system tracking on top of your instrumented Optimizely Feature Experimentation Track API calls.


The Track Event method triggers this notification listener. Because Optimizely Feature Experimentation SDKs queue and batch events, there can be a delay between when the Track Event method captures an event, and when the event is actually sent to Optimizely Feature Experimentation as part of a batch. For more precise alignment with event batches, see the LOGEVENT notification listener.


The following tables show the information provided to the listener when it is triggered:

event keyStringThe event key as you defined it in the Optimizely app.
user idStringThe user ID.
attributesMapA map of custom key-value string pairs specifying attributes for the user that are used for audience targeting. Non-string values are only supported in the 3.0 SDK and above.
event tagsMapA map of custom key-value pairs specifying tags for the tracked event. For more information, see Tag events
eventEventThe event object has the following fields: id, key and experiment ids.


For code examples, see the notification listener topic in your SDK language: