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Scheduled changes

Manage scheduled changes for your Optimizely Feature Experimentation project.

You can schedule changes to an existing flag or rule, such as:



If you intend to change the traffic's ramp percentage after running the experiment, you will need to implement a user profile service before starting the experiment.

For more information, see Ensure consistent user bucketing.

Create a scheduled change

  1. Select a flag from the Flags list.
  2. Click the Scheduled Changes tab.
  3. Click Create New Scheduled Change.
create new scheduled change
  1. Select the Date, Time, Time zone, and Environment from the respective drop-down lists.
  2. Select if the Change applies to the entire flag or an individual rule.
  3. Select Changed element and add the changes you want to schedule.
select change applies to to select flag or rule
  1. (Optional) To add more changes, click Add Change and repeat steps 4-6.
  2. Click Save. Your scheduled event displays in the scheduled events list.



You should not change your experiment while it is running. For more information, see Why you should not change a running experiment.

Edit or delete a scheduled event

Click More options (...) next to the scheduled change you want to change or delete.

select more options to edit or delete a scheduled change

Click Delete Scheduled Change to confirm the removal of the scheduled change.

select delete scheduled change to confirm